Harishchandrachi Factory

Ronnie Screwvala, Smiti Kanodia, Paresh Mokashi
Paresh Mokashi
Nandu Madhav, Vibhavari Deshpande
Narendra Bhide
Release Date: 
January 29, 2010

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Abandoning a well established printing press after quarrelling with his business partner, Dhundiraj Govind Phalke, finds himself unemployed and struggling to make ends meet. One day he accidentally comes across a tent theatre where a silent motion picture from Hollywood is being screened. The mesmerizing moving images take over his imagination and inspire an idea of genius - finding a way to make India's first feature film. Phalke starts to pursue his dream and with his hardworking wife and two enthusiastic kids by his side, he discovers how to make a movie. Despite meagre resources, he finds a dedicated cast and crew, and on the sheer strength of his dogged determination, his film, 'Raja Harishchandra', is finally released in 1913. To Phalke's amazement, the audience falls instantly in love with the movie and is entranced to see a tale so familiar to them, come alive on the screen. This is a film about Phalke, now known as the father of Indian cinema, and tells the wonderful story of a man whose passion for movie-making turns his life, and the lives of all those around him, into an amazing adventure.