Imtiaz Ali
Release Date: 
February 21, 2014

Vertical Tabs


A young city girl, full of life, is on the highway at night, with her fiancé. Suddenly, her life changes when she is abducted by a group of rustic criminals and her life will never be the same again. Panic strikes among the kidnappers, when they realise the girl is a daughter of a leading Industrialist with strong political connections. But the leader of the group is adamant to go ahead with the plan. Days pass, as the Tempo runs and miles turn, and after an initial horror of dealing with her rustic captors, the air changes, she feels that she has changed as well. A strange bond begins to develop between her and the oppressor. She starts feeling free in this captivity. She does not want to return and wishes that this journey would never end. But they are not made for each other. Maybe this feeling is just a passing phase. Maybe not.